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Welcome to the place where we’ll discuss about the world of English and its functions …
Basic knowledge is more important so here we are starting from the chapter-  Word  World. In this column we’ll discuss first, about words which usually used in news papers so that it’ll help out you to read English news papers, comprehensive passages and so on. We’ll discuss daily special and useful 10 words under Word World. So, lets take a view…

Words Related to Law & Order

  1. Lawyer(n)– A person who is trained & qualified to advise people about the law & to represent them in court & to write legal documents.
  2. Advocate(v)– To support something publicly .
    eg. Many experts advocate rewarding your child for good behavior .
    Advocate (n)- A) A person who supports or speaks in favour of sb or of a public plan or action.
    eg. An advocate for hospital workers.
    B) A person who defends sb* in court .
  3. Solicitor(n)– A lawyer who prepares legal documents,for example for the sale of land or buildings , advises people on legal matters.
  4. Attorney(n)– A lawyer esp. one who can act for sb in court.
  5.  Counsel(n)– Advice,esp. given by older people or experts; a piece of advice.
    Counsel(v)– To listen to & give support or professional advice to sb who needs help.
  6. Barrister(n)– A lawyer in Britain who has the right to argue cases in the higher courts of law.
  7. Prosecutor(n)-A) A public official who charges sb officially with a crime & prosecutes them in court.
    B) A lawyer who leads the case against a defendant in court.
  8. Petitioner(n)– A) A person who organizes or signs a petition.
    B) A person who asks a court to take a particular course of action.
    C) A person who makes a formal request to sb in authority.
  9. Accuse(v)– To say that sb has done sth wrong or is guilty of sth*.
  10. The accused (n)– A person who is on trial for committing a crime.

*(sb-subject, sth- something.)

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