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Yesterday, we have seen 10 useful words related to law & order. Today, we’ll see another 10 words related to discussed matter…

(1) Accusing(adj.)- Suggesting that you think sb* has done sth* wrong.
(2) Accusation(n)- A statement saying that you think a person is guilty of doing sth wrong, especially of committing a crime; the fact of accusing sb.
(3) Defendant(n)- The person in a trial who is accused of comitting a crime or who is being used by another person.
(4) Plaintiff(n)- A person who makes a formal complaint against sb in court.
(5) Allege(v)- To state sth as a fact but without giving proof.
(6) Allegation(n)- A public statement that is made without giving proof, accusing sb of doing sth that is wrong or illegal.
(7) Prosecute(v)- To officially charge sb with a crime in court.
(8) Prosecution(n)- The process of trying to prove in court that sb is guilty of crime.
(9) Ransom(n)- Money that is paid to sb so that they will set free a person who is being kept as a prisoner by them.
(10) Extort(v)- To make sb give you sth by threatening them.

(*sb-subject, sth-something)

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