Indian National Movement and Constitutional Development

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Indian National Movement and Constitutional Development: You can read content related to our Indian National Movement and Constitutional Development. we are updating continually many contents and we are trying to make available more contents for you.

Background of Indian National Movement

  • Consequences of Colonialism (Defining Colonialism, Consequences of Colonialism:- Nature and phases of the Colonial Empire, Impact: The First Phase-Peasantry and its Impoverishment, Impact: The Second Phase De-industrialization and its Effects, Impact: The Third Phase-Imperialism and Industrialization)
  • Responses of Indian society (India and the Colonial Experience, The World of the Peasantry, The Tribal Response, Middle Class, Intelligentsia and Social Reform:- The Ideas and Vision of New Class, Social Reformers and Public Debate; Reform Movements, Reform or Revival?, Social or Political Reform?, The Intelligentsia, Reforms and the Colonial State, Critique of Colonialism)

Emergence of the Indian national Congress

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