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In previous chapter we have seen some useful & important words. Today, we’ll see some another 10 useful & important words : –

(1) Confection(n)- 1) A cake or other sweet food that looks very attractive.
2) A thing such as a building or piece of clothing, that is made in a skilful or complicated way.

(2) Confectionary(n)- Sweets/candy, chocolate etc.

(3) Ordeal(n)- A difficult or unpleasant experience.

(4)  Diatribe(n)- A long and angry speech or piece of writing attacking and criticizing subject/something.

(5) Vested Interest(n)- A personal reason for wanting something to happen especially because you get some advantages from it.

(6) Chauvinist(n)- A person who has an aggressive and unreasonable belief that their own country is better than all others.

(7) Beleaguered(adj.)- 1) Experiencing a lot of criticism and difficulties.
2) Surrounded by enemy.

(8) Sabotage(n/v)- The act of doing deliberate damage to equipment transport, machines etc. to prevent an enemy from using them.

(9) Capitol(n)- The building in USA where politicians meet to work on new laws.

(10) Grouch(n/v)- 1) A person who complains a lot.
2) A complaint about something unimportant.

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