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Hello dear friends…

Yesterday, we have seen 10 useful words related to law & order. Today, we’ll see another 10 words related to discussed matter…

(1) Adjourn(v)- To stop a meeting or an official process, esp. a trial for a period of time.
(2) Assailant(n)- A person who attacks physically
(3) Kingpin(n)- The most important person in organization or activity.
(4) Lurch(v)- To make a sudden, unsteady movement forward or sideways.
(5) Obligatory(adj.)- That you must do because of the law, rules etc.
(6) Politico(n)- Politician.
(7) Douse/ Dowse- 1) To stop a fire from burning by pouring water over it; to put out a light.
2) To soak sb/sth in liquid ; to pour a lot of liquid over sb/sth.
(8) Connivance(n)- Help in doing sth wrong, the failure to stop sth wrong from happening.
(9) Ravage(v)- To damage sth badly.
(10) Abstainer(n)- A person who never drinks alcohol.

(*sb-subject, sth-something)

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