CHS 11 BIO Practice Set-3 For 2018 Entrance

CHS 11 BIO Practice Set-3 For 2018 Entrance: As we know that CHS SET entrance test will be held in next week. So on this page we are publishing Practices test series to check your preparation.

School Entrance Test 2018 SET-3

Class 11


1- Vermiform appendix is an example of
(a) Analogous organ
(b) Vestigial organ
(c) Homologous organ
(d) Analytic organ
2- A trait in an offspring is influenced by
(a) DNA of mother gamete
(b) DNA of father gamete
(c) both DNAs of father and mother gamete
(d) neither of mother of father gamete DNA
3- On crossing Tall plant with Dwarf plant Mendel found the the ratio of dwarf plants in F2 generation was?
(a) 25 %
(b) 40 %
(c) 60 %
(d) 75 %
4- Gamete cells are 
(a) Diploid
(b) Haploid
(c) Either Diploid or Haploid
(d) None of these

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