BHU PET Political Science Model paper/Practice set-1 in English

BHU PET Political Science Model paper/Practice set-1 in English: Finally, on this page i am publishing first Practice set or Model paper for BHU PET examination.

This set contains 50 questions but keep in mind that in BHU PET examination there will be 120 MCQs. So as here only 50 questions providing per set, as you less your time that original time of entrance 120 minutes, you may take time for this set shall be maximum of 50 Minutes. So you have 1 minutes for each questions.

Political Science Set-1 (English)

1- During the Radical Humanist Phase M.N. Roy advocated

(A) BiParty System

(B) Single Party System

(C) Partyless System

(D) Multi Party System

Ans: C

2-  In his book “The Untouchable” Ambedkar gave the following theory for the origin of the untouchable :

(A) Radical Theory

(B) Occupational Theory

(C) Buddhist Origin of Untouchables

(D) Ethnic Theory

Ans: C

3- Saint Augustine “The City of God” was considered as the first book on the

(A) Philosophy of Religion

(B) Comparative Philosophy

(C) Philosophy of History

(D) Philosophy of Christianity

Ans: D

4- Who condemned Natural Rights as an invention of Fantasy ?

(A) Locke

(B) Bentham

(C) Rousseau

(D) J.S. Mill

Ans: C

5- Which theory suggest the minor adjustments within the capitalist system to save the individual’s liberty ?

(A) Functionalism

(B) System’s Theory

(C) Liberal-Individual Theory

(D) Social Contract Theory

Ans: C

6-  Who insisted that type of Government depended on economic and geographic factors ?

(A) Jean Bodin

(B) Plato

(C) Cicero

(D) Machiavelli

Ans: A

7- “With Satyagraha combined with Ahimsa, you will bring the world to your feet.” Who said this ?

(A) Vinoba Bhave

(B) Mahatma Gandhi

(C) Jayaprakash Narayan

(D) Baba Amte

Ans: B

8- Dialectic method was first introduced by

(A) Aristotle     (B) Hegel   (C) Marx   (D) Tolstoy

Ans: B

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