BHU B.A. (Social Science) Entrance Practice set/Model Paper-1

BHU B.A. (Social Science) Entrance Practice Set/Model Paper-1 : Generally in Social Science entrance exam most of questions are asking from the subjects including Political Science, History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, General aptitude and current affairs.

In the behalf of B.A. (Social Science) Entrance Exam, here we are start providing practice sets with answer keys. So we hope you will be get better preparation for your next exam. All the best.

Practice Set-1 

Note: Answer key will be given at the end of the set.

1. The Constitution of India was adopted by the:

a). Governor General

b). British Parliament

c). Constituent Assembly

d). Parliament of India

2.  The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by :

a). Stafford Cripps

b). A.V. Alexander

c). Lord Pethick Lawrence

d). Hugh Gaitskell

3. The Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met on

a). 6th December, 1946

b). 9th December, 1946

c). 20th February, 1947

d). 3rd June, 1947

4.  When the  Constituent  Assembly  for the  Dominion of  India  reassembled on 31  st October, 1947, its reduced membership was:

(a)  299

(b)  311

(c)    319

(d)  331

5. Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?

a). B.N. Rao

b). B.R. Ambedkar

c). M. Munshi

d). M.C. Setalvad

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