2015 BHU PET LLM Question Paper & Answer key

2015 BHU PET LLM Question Paper & Answer key: here we are providing  Answer key of L.L.M. 2015 PET Q-Paper BHU.  BHU PET  The university entrance exam for various undergraduate programmes is of 120 minutes time duration.

Important Note: We have make this key from Official Answer key and it may contain some wrong answers so if you will feel any doubt on the answer please contact your teacher to insure that answer.

Time/समय: 2 Hours/घण्टे  

Full Marks/पूर्णांक: 450

No. Of Questions: 150

  1.  Attempt as many questions as you can. Each question carries 3 marks. One mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Zero mark will be awarded for each unattempted question. (अधिकाधिक् प्रश्नों को हल करने का प्रयत्न करेंI प्रत्येक प्रश्न 3 अंक का हैI प्रत्येक गलत उत्तर के लिए एक अंक काटा जायेगाI प्रत्येक अनुतरित प्रश्न का प्राप्तांक शून्य होगा.)
  2. If more than one alternative answers seem to be approximate to the correct answer, choose the closest one. (यदि एकाधिक वक्ल्पिक उत्तर सही उत्तर के निकट प्रतीत हो, तो निकटतम सही उत्तर है.)

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