Word World -10 : English Corner

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In previous chapter we have seen some useful & important words. Today, we’ll see some another 10 useful & important words : –

(1) Analgesia(n)- The loss of the ability to feel pain while still conscious.

(2) Aviary(n)- A large cage to keep birds in zoo.

(3) Retort(n)- A quick angry or humorous reply.

(4) Taper(v)- To become gradually narrower to make something become gradually narrower.

(5) Dialect(n)- The form of a language that is spoken in one area with grammatical words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language.

(6) Brood(v)- 1. To think a lot about something that makes you annoyed, anxious, upset.
2. Sitting of bird on the eggs in order to hatch them.
Brood(n)- 1. All the young birds or creatures that a mother produces at on time.
2. A large family of children.

(7) Maxim(n)- A well-known phrase that expresses something that is usually true or that people think is a rule for sensible behaviour.

(8) Bleak(adj.)- 1. Not encouraging or giving any reason to have hope(of a situation).
2. Cold & unpleasant( of the weather).
3. Exposed, empty or with no pleasant features( of a place).

(9) Pestilence(n)- Any infectious disease that spreads quickly and kills a lot of people( old use or literary).

(10) Inane(adj.)- Stupid or silly ; with no meaning.

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