Word World -9 : English Corner

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In previous chapter we have seen some useful & important words. Today, we’ll see some another 10 useful & important words : –

(1) Gaga(n)- Excited in a crazy way.

(2) Gala(n)- 1. A special public celebration or entertainment.
2. A sports competiton, esp. in swimming.

(3) Tidgety(adj.)- Restless.

(4) Carnage(n)- The violent killing of a large number of people.

(5) Beset(v)- To affect subject/something in an unplesant or harmful way.

(6) Agonstic(n)- A person who believes that it is not possible to know whether God exists or not.

(7) Arbitrator(n)- A person who is chosen to settle disagreement.

(8) Amazon(n)- 1. (In ancient Greek stories ) A woman from a group of female warriors.
2. (Literary) A tall strong woman.

(9) Addendum(n)- A section of extra information that is added to a book.

(10) Antidote(n)- A substance that controls the effects of a poison or a disease.

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