Word World -8 : English Corner

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In previous chapter we have seen some useful & important words. Today, we’ll see some another 10 useful & important words : –

(1) Sluice(n/v)- A sliding gate or other device for controlling the flow of water out of or into a canal etc.

(2) Condone(v)- To accept behaviour that is morally wrong or to treat it as if it were not serious.

(3) Renege(v)– To break a promise, an agreement etc.

(4) Excruciating(adj.)– Extremely painful or bad.

(5) Revamp(v)- To make changes to the form of something usually to improve its appearance.

(6) Tugitive(n/adj.)- A person who has escaped and is trying to avoid being caught.

(7) Outlay(n)- The money that you have to spend in order to start a new project.

(8) Reiterate(v)- To repeat something that you have already said, especially to emphasize it.

(9) Disarray(n)- A state of confusion and lack of organization in a situation or a place.

(10) Rakish(adj.)- 1.(of a man) Enjoying immoral activities not caring for moral activities.
2. Showing that you are feeling confident and pleased with yourself.

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