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Yesterday, we have seen 10 useful words related to law & order. Today, we’ll see another 10 words related to discussed matter…

(1) Abduct(v)– Kidnap.
(2) Sleuth(n)- A person who investigates crimes.
(3) Summon(v)- To order somebody to appear in court.
(4) Illicit(adj.)- Not allowed by the law (illegal).
(5) Recess(n/v)-(n) 1- A period of time during the year when the MPs, committee etc. do not meet.
(n) 2- A short break in a trial in court.
-(v) To take or to order a recess.
(6) Reconnaissance(n)- The activity of getting information about an area for military purposes using soldiers, planes etc.
(7) Raid(n/v)- A surprise visit by the police looking for criminals or for illegal goods or drugs.
(8) Homicide(n)- The crime of killing sb deliberately.
(9) Abscond(v)- To escape from a place that you are not allowed to leave without permission.
(10) Burglar(n)- A person who enters a building illegally in order to steal.
(*sb-subject, sth-something)

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