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 Admission 2017-18 

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About MGKVP Student Club

You can Get most important information about MGKVP like previous question papers/Admission Procedure/Notes/Syllabus and Memorable moments etc. MGKVP Student Club is a Non-official volunteer community of MGKVP alumnus and we are collecting all study materials and Memorable moments which are helpful for MGKVP Students. If you have anything, which might assist the aspirants please let us know on this website or Email info@projectwisdomindia.in Some of you have sent us priceless collection of answer keys & papers which we have uploaded here. We are much thankful to all of them.

Attention Please: We are not collecting any official notification or information regarding admission or examination, you should visit official website http://www.mgkvp.ac.in/ or http://entrance.mgkvpexams.in/