CHS 11 BIO Practice Set-5 For 2018 Entrance

CHS 11 BIO Practice Set-5 For 2018 Entrance: As we know that CHS SET entrance test will be held in next week. So on this page we are publishing Practices test series to check your preparation.

School Entrance Test 2018 SET-5

Class 11


1- Which of the following is the ultimate source of energy?
(a) water
(b) uranium
(c) sun
(d) fossil fuel

2- Inside the magnet the field lines run
(a) From south to north
(b) Away from north pole
(c) From north to south
(d) Away from the south pole
3- An electric charge in uniform motion produces:
(a) an electric field only
(b) a magnetic field only
(c) both electric and magnetic fields
(d) no such field at all
4- The magnetic field inside the solenoid is
(a) Non uniform
(c) same at all points
(d) zero
5- A free charged particle moves through a magnetic field. The particle may undergo a change in:
(a) speed
(b) energy
(c) direction of motion
(d) none of these


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