CHS 11 BIO Practice Set-1 For 2018 Entrance

CHS 11 BIO Practice Set-1 For 2018 Entrance: As we know that CHS SET entrance test will be held in next week. So on this page we are publishing Practices test series to check your preparation.

School Entrance Test 2018 SET-1

Class 11


1- Respiration is a process in which
(a) Energy is stored in the form of ADP
(b) Energy is used up
(c) Energy is released and stored in the form of ATP
(d) Energy is not released at all
2- The Oxygenated blood is carried from lungs to left auricle by
(a) vena cava
(b) pulmonary vein
(c) pulmonary

3- Which of the following type has the longest small intestine?
(a) Carnivores
(b) Omnivores
(c) Herbivores
(d) Autotroph
4- Villi are present in
(a) pancreas
(b) stomach
(c) small intestine
(d) oesophagus
5- Which of the following metal is associated with heamoglobin?
(a) Aluminum
(b) Iron
(c) Potassium
(d) Calcium

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